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Image Processing

Branch: Electrical Engineering

Topic: Power Electronics Project code Project theme Technology
1 ICDST-AD01 CPA-SLAM: consistent plane-model alignment for direct RGB-d slam IMAGE PROCESSING
2 ICDST-AD02 A local structure and direction-aware optimization approach for three-dimensional tree modeling IMAGE PROCESSING
3n ICDST-AD03 A smart phone app framework for segmented cancer care coordination IMAGE PROCESSING
4 ICDST-AD04 Association between tumor heterogeneity and overall survival in patients with non-small cell lung cancer IMAGE PROCESSING
5 ICDST-AD05 Automatic brain tumor tissue detection based on hierarchical centroid shape descriptor in t1-weighted MRI images. IMAGE PROCESSING
6 ICDST-AD06 Automatic hookworm detection in wireless capsule endoscopy images IMAGE PROCESSING
7 ICDST-AD07 Locality sensitive deep learning for detection and Classification of nuclei in routine colon cancer Histology images IMAGE PROCESSING
8 ICDST-AD08 MLP neural network classifier for medical image segmentation IMAGE PROCESSING
9 ICDST-AD09 Nonparametric joint shape and feature priors for segmentation of Dendritic spines IMAGE PROCESSING
10 ICDST-AD10 Pulmonary fissure detection in ct images using a Derivative of stick filter IMAGE PROCESSING
11 ICDST-AD11 Segmenting overlapping cervical cell in pap smear images IMAGE PROCESSING
12 ICDST-AD12 Combining inertial measurements with blind Image deblurring using distance transform IMAGE PROCESSING
13 ICDST-AD13 LBP-based segmentation of defocus blur. IMAGE PROCESSING
14 ICDST-AD14 A fast method of fog and haze removal IMAGE PROCESSING
15 ICDST-AD15 A largest matching area approach to image denoising IMAGE PROCESSING
16 ICDST-AD16 An enhanced denoising technique using dual tree complex wavelet transform IMAGE PROCESSING
17 ICDST-AD17 Analysis of adaptive filter and ICA for noise Cancellation from a video frame IMAGE PROCESSING
18 ICDST-AD18 Learning joint demosaicing and denoising based on Sequential energy minimization IMAGE PROCESSING
19 ICDST-AD19 sequence-to-sequence similarity-based filter for image denoising IMAGE PROCESSING
20 ICDST-AD20 Tensor decomposition and PCA jointed algorithm For hyperspectral image denoising IMAGE PROCESSING
21 ICDST-AD21 A novel lip descriptor for audio-visual keyword Spotting based on adaptive decision fusion IMAGE PROCESSING
22 ICDST-AD22 A novel MRF-based multi feature fusion for Classification of remote sensing images IMAGE PROCESSING
23 ICDST-AD23 continuously adaptive data fusion and model relearning for particle filter tracking with multiple features IMAGE PROCESSING
24 ICDST-AD24 Dwt based medical image fusion with maximum Local extreme IMAGE PROCESSING
25 ICDST-AD25 Fusion of depth ,skeleton ,and inertial data for human action recognition IMAGE PROCESSING
26 ICDST-AD26 Saliency detection for stereoscopic images based on Depth confidence analysis and multiple cues fusion IMAGE PROCESSING
27 ICDST-AD27 Score reliability based weighting technique for score-level fusion in Multi-biometric systems IMAGE PROCESSING
28 ICDST-AD28 Applications for no driven image quality assessment IMAGE PROCESSING
29 ICDST-AD29 Backward registration based Aspect ratio similarity(ARS) For image retargeting quality assessment IMAGE PROCESSING
30 ICDST-AD30 Binocular responses for no-reference 3d image Quality assessment IMAGE PROCESSING
31 ICDST-AD31 Blind image quality assessment based on Multichannel features fusion and label transfer IMAGE PROCESSING
32 ICDST-AD32 Learning receptive fields and quality lookups for Blind quality assessment of stereoscopic images IMAGE PROCESSING
33 ICDST-AD33 Multi-label dictionary learning for image Annotation IMAGE PROCESSING
34 ICDST-AD34 No-reference quality assessment for Multiplydistorted images in gradient domain IMAGE PROCESSING
35 ICDST-AD35 Towards a no-reference image quality assessment Using statistics of perceptual color descriptors IMAGE PROCESSING
36 ICDST-AD36 Accelerometer-based hand gesture recognition by Neural network and similarity matching IMAGE PROCESSING
37 ICDST-AD37 Single sample face recognition IMAGE PROCESSING
38 ICDST-AD38 Spatio-temporal matching for Human pose estimation in video IMAGE PROCESSING
39 ICDST-AD39 A new digital face makeup method IMAGE PROCESSING
40 ICDST-AD40 Constrained statistical modeling of knee flexion From multi-pose magnetic resonance imaging IMAGE PROCESSING
41 ICDST-AD41 Nodal sampling: a new image reconstruction Algorithm for smos. IMAGE PROCESSING
42 ICDST-AD42 Theoretical analysis of penalized Maximum likelihood patlak parametric image Reconstruction in dynamic pet for lesion detection IMAGE PROCESSING
43 ICDST-AD43 Tiled-block image reconstruction by wavelet Based, parallel filtered back-projection IMAGE PROCESSING
44 ICDST-AD44 A three-layered graph-based learning approach For remote sensing image retrieval IMAGE PROCESSING
45 ICDST-AD45 A combined approach based on fuzzy classification and contextual region Growing to image segmentation IMAGE PROCESSING
46 ICDST-AD46 Cell segmentation in digital holographic images IMAGE PROCESSING
47 ICDST-AD47 Image segmentation using parametric contours With free endpoints IMAGE PROCESSING
48 ICDST-AD48 Indexing ensembles of exemplar-SVMS with Rejecting taxonomies IMAGE PROCESSING
49 ICDST-AD49 An effective foreground detection approach using a block-based background Modeling IMAGE PROCESSING
50 ICDST-AD50 Difference image and fuzzy c-means for detection Of retinal vessels IMAGE PROCESSING
51 ICDST-AD51 Multi-view object extraction With fractional boundaries IMAGE PROCESSING
52 ICDST-AD52 Gender classification from the same iris code Used for recognition IMAGE PROCESSING
53 ICDST-AD53 Human activity recognition based on spatial distribution of gradients at sub-levels of average energy silhouette images IMAGE PROCESSING
54 ICDST-AD54 Named entity recognition from unstructured handwritten document images IMAGE PROCESSING
55 ICDST-AD55 Image enhancement in ultrasound imaging IMAGE PROCESSING
56 ICDST-AD56 Finger vein biometric: Smartphone footprint prototype with vein map Extraction using computational imaging techniques IMAGE PROCESSING
57 ICDST-AD57 Fingerprint liveness detection using convolution Neural networks IMAGE PROCESSING
58 ICDST-AD58 Incorporating skin color for improved face Detection and tracking system IMAGE PROCESSING
59 ICDST-AD59 Palm print as a Smartphone biometric IMAGE PROCESSING
60 ICDST-AD60 Reversible data hiding in encrypted images based on progressive recovery IMAGE PROCESSING
61 ICDST-AD61 Robust fingertip detection in a complex environment IMAGE PROCESSING
62 ICDST-AD62 Learning a combined model of visual Saliency for fixation prediction IMAGE PROCESSING