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Branch: Electrical Engineering

Topic: Power Electronics Project code Project theme Technology
1 ICDST-AD01 Game-Theoretic Multi-Channel Multi-Access in Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks NS2
2 ICDST-AD02 Neighbor-Aided Spatial-Temporal Compressive Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks NS2
3n ICDST-AD03 Distributed Sequential Location Estimation of a Gas Source via Convex Combination in WSNs NS2
4 ICDST-AD04 A Cloud-Based Architecture for the Internet of Spectrum Devices Over Future Wireless Networks NS2
5 ICDST-AD05 Network Selection and Channel Allocation for Spectrum Sharing in 5G Heterogeneous Networks NS2
6 ICDST-AD06 Exploiting Trust and Usage Context for Cross-Domain Recommendation NS2
8 ICDST-AD08 Energy Efficiency Of Multi-User Multi-Antenna Random Cellular Networks With Minimum Distance Constraints NS2
9 ICDST-AD09 A Probabilistic Threshold-Based Bandwidth Sharing Policy for Wireless Multirate Loss Networks NS2
10 ICDST-AD10 Cognitive Cellular Networks: A Q-Learning Framework for Self-Organizing Networks NS2
11 ICDST-AD11 Optimal Relay Selection and Power Control With Quality of-Service Provisioning in Wireless Body Area Networks NS2
12 ICDST-AD12 Three-dimensional geographic routing in wireless mobile ad hoc and sensor networks NS2
13 ICDST-AD13 Energy-Efficient Localization and Tracking of Mobile Devices in Wireless Sensor Networks NS2
14 ICDST-AD14 Optimal Routing for Lifetime Maximization of Wireless Sensor Networks with a Mobile Source Node NS2
15 ICDST-AD15 RMER: Reliable And Energy Efficient Data Collection For Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks NS2
16 ICDST-AD16 JOKER: A Novel Opportunistic Routing Protocol NS2
17 ICDST-AD17 Fair Routing for Overlapped Cooperative Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks NS2
18 ICDST-AD18 Maximum Data Collection Rate in Rechargeable Wireless Sensor Networks with Multiple Sinks NS2
19 ICDST-AD19 Mobile Coordinated Wireless Sensor Network: An Energy Efficient Scheme for Real-Time Transmissions NS2
20 ICDST-AD20 RSSI-Based Localization Through Uncertain Data Mapping for Wireless Sensor Networks NS2
21 ICDST-AD21 A Secure and Efficient ID-Based Aggregate Signature Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks NS2
22 ICDST-AD22 Active Trust: Secure and Trustable Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks NS2
23 ICDST-AD23 Adaptive and Channel-Aware Detection of Selective Forwarding Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks NS2
24 ICDST-AD24 PKC-Based DoS Attacks-Resistant Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks NS2
25 ICDST-AD25 Reliable and Efficient Data Acquisition in Wireless Sensor Networks in the Presence of Transfaulty Nodes NS2
26 ICDST-AD26 Traffic De-correlation Techniques for Countering a Global Eavesdropper in WSNs NS2
27 ICDST-AD27 LORA: Loss Differentiation Rate Adaptation Scheme for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Safety Communications NS2
28 ICDST-AD28 HDEER: A Distributed Routing Scheme for Energy-Efficient Networking NS2
29 ICDST-AD29 Network Topology Tomography Under Multipath Routing NS2
30 ICDST-AD30 A secure-efficient data collection algorithm based on self adaptive sensing model in mobile Internet of vehicles NS2
31 ICDST-AD31 Queue Stability Analysis in Network Coded Wireless Multicast Network NS2
32 ICDST-AD32 Delay-Energy Tradeoff in Multicast Scheduling for Green Cellular Systems NS2
33 ICDST-AD33 Delay Analysis of Social Group Multicast-Aided Content Dissemination in Cellular System NS2
34 ICDST-AD34 End-to-End coding for TCP NS2
35 ICDST-AD35 Link Allocation for Multiuser Systems With Hybrid RF/FSO Backhaul: Delay-Limited and Delay-Tolerant Designs NS2
36 ICDST-AD36 Reverse Update: A Consistent Policy Update Scheme for Software-Defined Networking NS2
37 ICDST-AD37 On the Throughput-Delay Tradeoff in Geo-routing Networks NS2
38 ICDST-AD38 An Efficient Tree-based Self-Organizing Protocol for Internet of Things NS2
39 ICDST-AD39 Modified AODV routing protocol to improve security and performance against black hole attack NS2
40 ICDST-AD40 A Novel Framework to Enhance the Performance of Contention Based Synchronous MAC Protocol NS2
41 ICDST-AD41 Efficient Wireless Multimedia Multicast in Multi-Rate Multi-Channel Mesh Networks NS2
42 ICDST-AD42 Optimization of Key Predistribution Protocol Based on Super networks Theory in Heterogeneous WSN NS2
43 ICDST-AD43 Auction-Based Data Gathering Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks NS2
44 ICDST-AD44 The Impact of Incomplete Secure Connectivity on the Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks NS2
45 ICDST-AD45 Energy Profiling in Practical Sensor Networks: Identifying Hidden Consumers NS2
46 ICDST-AD46 Distributed k-Means Algorithm and Fuzzy c-Means Algorithm for Sensor Networks Based on Multiagent NS2
47 ICDST-AD47 Neighbor-Aided Spatial-Temporal Compressive Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks NS2
48 ICDST-AD48 Mobile Demand Profiling for Cellular Cognitive Networking NS2
49 ICDST-AD49 Analytical Model and Performance Evaluation of Long Term Evolution for Vehicle Safety Services NS2