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Branch: Electrical Engineering

Topic: Power Electronics Project code Project theme Technology
1 ICDST-AD01 Model for Personalization of Mobile Health Systems for Monitoring Patients with Chronic Disease EMBEDDED
2 ICDST-AD02 A wearable device for managing abdominal obesity EMBEDDED
3n ICDST-AD03 NFC4Sure: Mobile ticketing system EMBEDDED
4 ICDST-AD04 Driver Assistance System in Intelligent Transport System EMBEDDED
5 ICDST-AD05 Development and integration of a HEMS with an advanced smart metering infrastructure EMBEDDED
6 ICDST-AD06 A Cyber-Physical System for Environmental Monitoring EMBEDDED
7 ICDST-AD07 An Integrated Cloud-Based Smart Home Management System with Community Hierarchy EMBEDDED
8 ICDST-AD08 Autonomous Gas Detection and Mapping With Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. EMBEDDED
9 ICDST-AD09 Voice-activity home care system EMBEDDED
10 ICDST-AD10 Motion sensor data correction using multiple sensors and multiple measurements EMBEDDED
11 ICDST-AD11 Vehicle navigation by fuzzy cognitive maps using sonar and RFID technologies EMBEDDED
12 ICDST-AD12 Railway Track Circuit Fault Diagnosis Using Recurrent Neural Networks EMBEDDED
13 ICDST-AD13 A mobile robot which can follow and lead human by detecting user location and behavior with wearable devices EMBEDDED
14 ICDST-AD14 Characterization of an Underwater Positioning System Based on GPS Surface Nodes and Encoded Acoustic Signals EMBEDDED
15 ICDST-AD15 CO-GPS: Energy Efficient GPS Sensing with Cloud Offloading EMBEDDED
16 ICDST-AD16 Classifying a Person’s Degree of Accessibility from Natural Body Language During Social Human–Robot Interactions EMBEDDED
17 ICDST-AD17 Designing of an optimized building integrated hybrid energy generation system EMBEDDED
18 ICDST-AD18 Configurable ZigBee-based control system for people with multiple disabilities in smart homes EMBEDDED
19 ICDST-AD19 Gesture control of drone using a motion controller EMBEDDED
20 ICDST-AD20 Energy-Efficient Intelligent Street Lighting System Using Traffic Adaptive Control EMBEDDED
21 ICDST-AD21 ZigBee network system for observing operating activities of work vehicles EMBEDDED
22 ICDST-AD22 Embedded control system for smart walking assistance device. EMBEDDED
23 ICDST-AD23 Enhanced Fingerprinting and Trajectory Prediction for iot Localization in Smart Buildings EMBEDDED
24 ICDST-AD24 Face Recognition and Spoofing Detection System Adapted To Visually Impaired People. EMBEDDED
25 ICDST-AD25 Sensor system to advice health-aware information for elderly people on daily living activities EMBEDDED
26 ICDST-AD26 An integrated robotic system for transporting surgical tools in hospitals EMBEDDED
27 ICDST-AD27 Autonomous robot system architecture for automation of structural health monitoring EMBEDDED
28 ICDST-AD28 A model-based communication approach for distributed and connected vehicle safety systems EMBEDDED
29 ICDST-AD29 Short term re-identification of Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) users via face and body appearance features EMBEDDED
30 ICDST-AD30 High-Precision Vehicle Navigation in Urban Environments Using an MEM’s IMU and Single-Frequency GPS Receiver. EMBEDDED
31 ICDST-AD31 Measurement System With Accelerometer Integrated RFID Tag for Infrastructure Health Monitoring. EMBEDDED
32 ICDST-AD32 Non-Intrusive Planning the Roadside Infrastructure for Vehicular Networks EMBEDDED
33 ICDST-AD33 A Secure IoT-Based Modern Healthcare System Using Body Sensor Network EMBEDDED
34 ICDST-AD34 Wirelessly Controlled Mines Detection Robot EMBEDDED
35 ICDST-AD35 A smart wearable system for sudden infant death syndrome monitoring EMBEDDED
36 ICDST-AD36 An Internet-of-Things Enabled Connected Navigation System for Urban Bus Riders EMBEDDED
37 ICDST-AD37 Road traffic congestion management using VANET EMBEDDED
38 ICDST-AD38 Nonlinear Coordinated Steering and Braking Control of Vision-Based Autonomous Vehicles in Emergency Obstacle Avoidance. EMBEDDED
39 ICDST-AD39 Prefetching-Based Data Dissemination in Vehicular Cloud Systems EMBEDDED
40 ICDST-AD40 Sizing and Analysis of Renewable Energy and Battery Systems in Residential Microgrids EMBEDDED
41 ICDST-AD41 Doctor’s innovative clinic: An application of artificial intelligence and physiological sensors EMBEDDED
42 ICDST-AD42 Automatic toll e-ticketing system for transportation systems EMBEDDED
43 ICDST-AD43 Integration of smart mobile handset devices in a smart healthcare center organization: A proof of concept EMBEDDED
44 ICDST-AD44 Smart vehicle security system for defending against collaborative attacks by malware EMBEDDED
45 ICDST-AD45 Daytime preceding vehicle brake light detection using monocular vision EMBEDDED
46 ICDST-AD46 Smart Configuration of Smart Environments EMBEDDED
47 ICDST-AD47 Smart Electricity Meter Data Intelligence for Future Energy Systems: A Survey EMBEDDED
48 ICDST-AD48 Teach Me–Show Me”—End-User Personalization of a Smart Home and Companion Robot. EMBEDDED
49 ICDST-AD49 Point-n-Press: An Intelligent Universal Remote Control System for Home Appliances EMBEDDED
50 ICDST-AD50 Automated Crack Detection on Concrete Bridges EMBEDDED
51 ICDST-AD51 Soil moisture estimation using UWB EMBEDDED
52 ICDST-AD52 Voice operated intelligent fire extinguishing vehicle EMBEDDED
53 ICDST-AD53 Any Climb: A New Wall-Climbing Robotic Platform for Various Curvatures EMBEDDED
54 ICDST-AD54 Toward A Wearable RFID System for Real-time Activity Recognition using Radio Patterns. EMBEDDED
55 ICDST-AD55 Vehicle-Assisted Device-to-Device Data Delivery for Smart Grid EMBEDDED
56 ICDST-AD56 A Time Synchronization Technique for coap-based Home Automation Systems EMBEDDED
57 ICDST-AD57 Road sign recognition system on Raspberry Pi EMBEDDED
58 ICDST-AD58 Development of iot based smart security and monitoring devices for agriculture EMBEDDED
59 ICDST-AD59 Eco Sensor: Monitoring environmental pollution using mobile sensors EMBEDDED
60 ICDST-AD60 Real-time nonintrusive monitoring and detection of eye blinking in view of accident prevention due to drowsiness EMBEDDED
61 ICDST-AD61 Rfid-based book finder EMBEDDED
62 ICDST-AD62 An Integrated Cloud-Based Smart Home Management System with Community Hierarchy. EMBEDDED
63 ICDST-AD63 Real-Time Global Localization of Robotic Cars in Lane Level via Lane Marking Detection and Shape Registration. EMBEDDED
64 ICDST-AD64 Autonomous Wearable System for Vital Signs Measurement With Energy Harvesting Module. EMBEDDED
65 ICDST-AD65 Generation of a Precise and Efficient Lane-Level Road Map for Intelligent Vehicle Systems. EMBEDDED
66 ICDST-AD66 Path following of autonomous mobile robot using passive RFID tags EMBEDDED
67 ICDST-AD67 Attendance generating system using RFID and GSM EMBEDDED
68 ICDST-AD68 Aware and smart member card: RFID and license plate recognition systems integrated applications at parking guidance in shopping mall EMBEDDED
69 ICDST-AD69 Indoor RFID alignment system for service station EMBEDDED
70 ICDST-AD70 RFID-inspired wireless micro sensors for structural health monitoring EMBEDDED
71 ICDST-AD71 Point-n-Press: An Intelligent Universal Remote Control System for Home Appliances EMBEDDED
72 ICDST-AD72 An Autonomous Wireless Sensor Node With Asynchronous ECG Monitoring in 0.18 m CMOS. EMBEDDED
73 ICDST-AD73 A Proposed Wireless System to Real Time Monitoring in Power Transformer. EMBEDDED
74 ICDST-AD74 An RFID based Smartphone Proximity Absence Alert System EMBEDDED
75 ICDST-AD75 RFID framework for intelligent traffic monitoring EMBEDDED
76 ICDST-AD76 A novel security enabled speed speed monitoring system for two wheelers using wireless technology EMBEDDED
77 ICDST-AD77 Voice and touch control home automation EMBEDDED
78 ICDST-AD78 Low cost arduino wifi Bluetooth integrated path following robotic vehicle with wireless GUI remote control EMBEDDED
79 ICDST-AD79 A Rule-based Service Customization Strategy for Smart Home Contextaware Automation. EMBEDDED
80 ICDST-AD80 Electronic Visits in Primary Care: Modeling, Analysis, and Scheduling Policies. EMBEDDED
81 ICDST-AD81 Water Level Meter for Alerting Population about Floods EMBEDDED
82 ICDST-AD82 Embedded system design of a real-time parking guidance system EMBEDDED
83 ICDST-AD83 Smart real-time healthcare monitoring and tracking system using gsm/gps technologies EMBEDDED
84 ICDST-AD84 The design of building fire monitoring system based on zigbee-wifi networks EMBEDDED
85 ICDST-AD85 Low-power wearable ecg monitoring system for multiple-patient remote monitoring EMBEDDED
86 ICDST-AD86 Home outlet and led array lamp controlled by a Smartphone with a hand gesture recognition EMBEDDED
87 ICDST-AD87 Smart Real-Time Healthcare Monitoring and Tracking System using GSM/GPS Technologies EMBEDDED