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Branch: Electrical Engineering

Topic: Power Electronics Project code Project theme Technology
1 ICDST-AD01 Retrofitting of reinforced concrete frames using steel bracings Simulation
2 ICDST-AD02 Structural analysis of a multi-storeyed building for different plan configurations Simulation
3 ICDST-AD03 Analysis and design of multi storied building Simulation
4 ICDST-AD04 Comparison of analysis and design of regular and irregular configuration of multi story building in various seismic zones and various types of soils Simulation
5 ICDST-AD05 Design of circular water tank Simulation
6 ICDST-AD06 Design of residential apartment building Simulation
7 ICDST-AD07 Structural design of concrete structure Simulation
8 ICDST-AD08 Analysis and design of multistory building with grid slab Simulation
9 ICDST-AD09 Effect of wind load on tall buildings in different terrain category Simulation
10 ICDST-AD10 Earth quack analysis of multi storied residential building-a case study Simulation
11 ICDST-AD11 Evaluation and design of flyover Simulation
12 ICDST-AD12 Dynamic response of high rise structures under the influence of shear walls Simulation
13 ICDST-AD13 Study of behavior of seismic evaluation of multistoried building with floating columns Simulation
14 ICDST-AD14 Planning and design of the main building of five star hotel Simulation
15 ICDST-AD15 Analysis and design of tall building subjected to wind and earthquake loads Simulation
16 ICDST-AD16 Effect of wind on tall building frames-influence of aspect ratio Simulation
17 ICDST-AD17 Seismic analysis of regular and vertical geometric irregular Rcc framed building Simulation
18 ICDST-AD18 Comparison of seismic behavior of a typical multi-storey structure with composite columns and steel columns Simulation
19 ICDST-AD19 Dynamic analysis of multi-story building for different shapes Simulation
20 ICDST-AD20 Study of lateral load resisting systems of variable heights in all soil types of high seismic zone Simulation
21 ICDST-AD21 Shear wall analysis and design optimization in case of high rise buildings Simulation
22 ICDST-AD22 Seismic analysis of a building Simulation
23 ICDST-AD23 Comparative study of static and dynamic seismic analysis of multistoried Rcc building Simulation
24 ICDST-AD24 Design and analysis of multi storeyed building under static and dynamic loading conditions Simulation
25 ICDST-AD25 Earthquake resistant design of open ground storey building Simulation
26 ICDST-AD26 Non-linear analysis of reinforced concrete chimney Simulation
27 ICDST-AD27 A comparative study on rcc structure with and without shear wall Simulation
28 ICDST-AD28 Analysis and design of multi storied building for vertical and horizontal loading with and without dampers Simulation
29 ICDST-AD29 Comparative analysis of G+1 structure with and without floating column Simulation
30 ICDST-AD30 Non-linear pushover analysis of flat slab building Simulation
31 ICDST-AD31 Non linear static analysis for Rc framed residential building Simulation
32 ICDST-AD32 A case study on inelastic seismic analysis of six storey Rc building Simulation
33 ICDST-AD33 Comparison between seismic analysis and non-seismic analysis of G+17 building Simulation
34 ICDST-AD34 Analytical study of braced unsymmetrical Rcc building Simulation
35 ICDST-AD35 Seismic evaluation of irregular structures Simulation
36 ICDST-AD36 Behavior of symmetric and asymmetric structure in high seismic zone Simulation
37 ICDST-AD37 Dynamic analysis of industrial steel structure by using bracings and dampers under wind load and earthquake load Simulation
38 ICDST-AD38 Dynamic analysis of multi-storey Rcc building Simulation
39 ICDST-AD39 Non-linear time history analysis of tall structure for seismic load using damper Simulation
40 ICDST-AD40 Analysis of G+20 RC building in different zones Simulation
41 ICDST-AD41 Effect of fiber length and percentage of sisal on strength of concrete Concrete
42 ICDST-AD42 Strength and permeability properties of concrete using fly ash, Rice husk ash and egg shell powder Concrete
43 ICDST-AD43 Effect of replacement of natural sand by manufactured sand on the properties of cement mortar Concrete
44 ICDST-AD44 Utilization of demolished concrete waste for new construction Concrete
45 ICDST-AD45 Experimental studies on concrete utilizing red mud as a partial replacement of cement with hydrated lime Concrete
46 ICDST-AD46 Experimental study on geo polymer concrete by using glass fibers Concrete
47 ICDST-AD47 A study on behavior of marble dust in concrete pavement Concrete
48 ICDST-AD48 Utilization of copper slag as fine aggregates in cement concrete pavements Concrete
49 ICDST-AD49 The suitability of crushed over burnt bricks as coarse aggregates for concrete Concrete
50 ICDST-AD50 Stability of waste glass powder as pozzolanic material in concrete Concrete
51 ICDST-AD51 Experimental investigations of coarse aggregate recycled concrete Concrete
52 ICDST-AD52 Experimental investigation on strength of glass power replacement by cement in concrete with different dosages Concrete
53 ICDST-AD53 Partial replacement of coarse aggregates by expanded polystyrene beds in concrete Concrete
54 ICDST-AD54 Improvement of strength of concrete with partial replacement of coarse aggregates with coconut shell and coir fibers Concrete
55 ICDST-AD55 Application and properties of fiber reinforced concrete Concrete
56 ICDST-AD56 A study on the performance of flexible pavements Transportation Engineering
57 ICDST-AD57 National Highway Design-A case study of kadapa to Kurnool National highway Transportation Engineering
58 ICDST-AD58 Designing pavement for a typical village road in india-A case study Transportation Engineering
59 ICDST-AD59 Design of flexible pavements by various methods and their cost analysis of each method Transportation Engineering
60 ICDST-AD60 Pavement design Transportation Engineering
61 ICDST-AD61 Recycled asphalt pavement mixtures for road construction Transportation Engineering
62 ICDST-AD62 Study of stone matrix asphalt for the flexible pavement Transportation Engineering
63 ICDST-AD63 Application of waste plastic as an effective construction material in flexible pavements Transportation Engineering
64 ICDST-AD64 Influence of coarse aggregates shape factors on bituminous mixtures Transportation Engineering
65 ICDST-AD65 Feasibility of copper slag-fly ash mix as a road construction material Transportation Engineering
66 ICDST-AD66 Improvement in CBR value of soil reinforced with jute fibers Geotechnical Engineering
67 ICDST-AD67 Improvement of soil stability using shredded Tyre Geotechnical Engineering
68 ICDST-AD68 Theoretical analysis of soil nailing, design, performance and future aspects Geotechnical Engineering
69 ICDST-AD69 Improvement of soil characteristics using jute geo textile Geotechnical Engineering
70 ICDST-AD70 Laboratory study on soil stabilization using fly ash mixtures Geotechnical Engineering
71 ICDST-AD70 Recycling of material in civil engineering Geotechnical Engineering
72 ICDST-AD70 Study of the Effect of Crushed Waste Glass as Coarse Sand and Filler in the Asphalt Binder Course Geotechnical Engineering
73 ICDST-AD70 Use of recycled (waste) materials in landscaping Geotechnical Engineering
74 ICDST-AD70 Feasibility Of Using 100% Recycled Asphalt Pavement Mixtures For Road Construction Geotechnical Engineering
75 ICDST-AD70 Effects Of Highway Geometric Elements On Accident Modelling Geotechnical Engineering
76 ICDST-AD70 Modeling Safety Effects Of Geometric Design Consistency On Two-Lane Rural Roadways Using Mixed Effects Negative Binomial Regression Geotechnical Engineering