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Power Electronics

Branch: Electronics and Communication

Topic: Power Electronics (MATLAB)

S.NO. Project No. Project title Technology
1 ICDST-MT16 A Comparative Study of Power Supply Architectures in Wireless EV Charging Systems Power Electronics
2 ICDST-MT17 A New Space Vector Modulation Scheme for Multilevel Linear converter Which Directly Vector Quantize t he Reference Space Vector Power Electronics
3 ICDST-MT23 A Bidirectional Three-level LLC Resonant Converter with PWAM Control Power Electronics
4 ICDST-MT25 A New Fault-Tolerant Strategy Based on a Modified Selective Harmonic Technique for Three-Phase Multilevel Converters with a Single Faulty Cell Power Electronics
5 ICDST-MT30 A Visual Model-Based Perceptual Image Hash for Content Authentication Power Electronics
6 ICDST-MT31 An Integrated Reconfigurable Converter Topology for High Voltage Battery Systems. Power Electronics
7 ICDST-MT39 Creative design of symmetric multilevel converter to enhance the circuit’s performance


Power Electronics
8 ICDST-MT44 Flying-Capacitor Based Hybrid LLC Converters with Input Voltage Auto-Balance Ability for High Voltage Applications Power Electronics
9 ICDST-MT45 GaN Devices in Resonant LLC Converters: System-level considerations Power Electronics
10 ICDST-MT50 Hybrid-bridge transformerless photovoltaic grid-connected inverter Power Electronics
11 ICDST-MT52 Implementation of Wavelet Based Robust Differential Control for Electric Vehicle Application Power Electronics
12 ICDST-MT54 Influences of Power Electronic Converters on Voltage-Current Behaviors During Faults in DGUs-Part II: Photovoltaic Systems Power Electronics
13 ICDST-MT64 Multilevel voltage source inverter with optimized usage of bidirectional switches Power Electronics
14 ICDST-MT70 Phase-Shift Controlled Isolated Buck-Boost Converter with Active-Clamped Three-Level Rectifier (AC-TLR) Featuring Soft-Switching within Wide Operation Power Electronics
15 ICDST-MT71 Modular Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel PV Inverter With Distributed MPPT for Grid-Connected Applications Power Electronics
16 ICDST-MT72 Power Controllability of a Three-Phase Converter With an Unbalanced AC Source Power Electronics
17 ICDST-MT73 Quasi Y-Source Boost DC-DC Converter Power Electronics
18 ICDST-MT87 An Improved Direct AC–AC Converter for Voltage Sag Mitigation Power Electronics
19 ICDST-MT91 Contrast Enhancement by Nonlinear Diffusion Filtering Power Electronics


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