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Embedded System

Branch: Electronics and Communication

Topic: Embedded Systems Project code Project theme Technology Download
1 TODST-EMBD01 Automated Health Alerts Using In-Home Sensor Data for Embedded Health Assessment Embedded system


2 TODST-EMBD02 Model-Based Mean Arterial Pressure Estimation Using Simultaneous Electrocardiogram and Oscillometric Blood Pressure Measurements INSTRUMENTATION AND MEASUREMENT Download
3 TODST-EMBD03 On the Potential of Bluetooth Low Energy Technology for Vehicular Applications SENSOR NETWORKS Download
4 TODST-EMBD04 Multi-hop WBAN Construction for Healthcare IoT Systems Multi-hop Download
5 TODST-EMBD05 Development of Android-based on-line monitoring and control system for Renewable Energy Sources Communication, and Control Technology Download
6 TODST-EMBD06 Snap n’ Shop: Visual Search-Based Mobile Shopping Made a Breeze by Machine and Crowd Intelligence Semantic Computing Download
7 TODST-EMBD07 Personal Lung Function Monitoring Devices for Asthma Patients Data Communication, Download
8 TODST-EMBD08 Android Based Health Care Monitoring System Information Embedded and Communication Systems Download
9 TODST-EMBD09 Secure and Privacy-Preserving Smartphone-Based traffic Information  Systems intelligent transportation systems



10 TODST-EMBD010 An Implementation of Mobile Control Room Environment in Android Platform for Industrial Applications Power and Computing Technologies Download
11 TODST-EMBD011 RFID-based System for School Children Transportation Safety Enhancement Data Communication, Download
12 TODST-EMBD012 Design and Implementation of Vehicle Tracking System Using GPS/GSM/GPRS Technology and Smartphone Application Data Communication, Download
13 TODST-EMBD013 Home based health monitoring system using android smartphone Data Communication, Download
14 TODST-EMBD014 Wireless ECG monitoring system using 3G Data Communication, Download
15 TODST-EMBD015 Android Interface based GSM Home Security System Android Download
16 TODST-EMBD016 Design and Implementation of a WiFi Sensor Device Management System Data Communication, Download
17 TODST-EMBD017 Biometric Fingerprint Authentication with Minutiae using Ridge Feature Extraction Pervasive Computing Download
18 TODST-EMBD018 Bandit Framework For Systematic Learning In Wireless Video-Based Face Recognition Signal Processing Download
19 TODST-EMBD019 Bimodal Biometric Identification with Palmprint and Iris Traits using Fractional coefficients of Walsh, Haar, and Kekre Transforms Information & Computing Technology Download
20 TODST-EMBD020 An efficient finger vein indexing scheme based on unsupervised clustering Data Communication, Download
21 TODST-EMBD021 Security enhancement of internet banking applications by using multimodal biometrics Applied Machine Intelligence and Informatics Download
22 TODST-EMBD022 Joint Feature Extraction and Classifier Design for ECG Based Biometric Recognition Data Communication, Download
23 TODST-EMBD023 A Bendable and Wearable Cardiorespiratory Monitoring Device Fusing Two Noncontact Sensor Principles Wearable and Implantable Body Sensor Networks Download
24 TODST-EMBD024 Advanced Insulin Bolus Advisor Based on Run-To-Run Control and Case-Based Reasoning HEALTH INFORMATICS, Download
25 TODST-EMBD025 The Development of a Blood Leakage Monitoring System for the Applications in Hemodialysis Therapy Data Communication, Download
26 TODST-EMBD026 Recent Advances in Wearable Sensors for Health Monitoring Data Communication, Download
27 TODST-EMBD027 Effects of Wireless Power Transfer on Capacitive Coupling Human Body Communication MECHATRONICS Download
28 TODST-EMBD028 The Patient-centric Mobile Healthcare System enhancing Sensor Connectivity and Data Interoperability Data Communication, Download
29 TODST-EMBD029 Microwave sensor for non-invasive glucose measurements design and implementation of a novel linear Wireless Sensor Systems Download
30 TODST-EMBD030 An Energy-Efficient Adaptive Sensing Framework for Gait Monitoring Using Smart Insole Data Communication, Download
31 TODST-EMBD031 NFC For Pervasive Healthcare Monitoring Embedded Systems Download
32 TODST-EMBD032 Design and Implementation of Heart Rate Measurement Device Using Wireless System INFORMATICS, ELECTRONICS & VISION 2014 Download
33 TODST-EMBD033 Design and implementation of wearable RFID tag for real-time ubiquitous medical care Data Communication, Download
34 TODST-EMBD034 BIO-monitoring System with Conductive Textile Electrodes Integrated into T-shirt Data Communication, Download
35 TODST-EMBD035 Performance Analysis of Zigbee based Wireless Sensor Network for Remote Patient Communication Systems and Network Technologies Download
36 TODST-EMBD036 Feasibility of a Photovoltaic–Thermoelectric Generator: Performance Analysis and Simulation Results INSTRUMENTATION AND MEASUREMENT Download
37 TODST-EMBD037 Wireless Power Systems for Mobile Devices Supporting Inductive and Resonant Operating Modes MICROWAVE THEORY AND TECHNIQUES, Download
38 TODST-EMBD038 MPPT Techniques for a Photovoltaic Pumping System Data Communication, Download
39 TODST-EMBD039 Release and Storage of Mine Gas Monitoring Data Based on Sensor Web Data Communication, Download
40 TODST-EMBD040 MEMS Multisensor Intelligent Damage Detection for Wind Turbines Data Communication, Download
41 TODST-EMBD041 Implementation of MPPT Control Using Fuzzy Logic in Solar-Wind Hybrid Power System Data Communication, Download
42 TODST-EMBD042 Home Energy Management system based on daily demand prediction and ZigBee network Data Communication, Download
43 TODST-EMBD043 Run-Time Management for Multicore Embedded Systems With Energy Harvesting VERY LARGE SCALE INTEGRATION Download
44 TODST-EMBD044 WSN-Based Smart Sensors and Actuator for Power Management in Intelligent Buildings MECHATRONICS Download
45 TODST-EMBD045 Energy-saving System for Classroom Based on Campus Card Data Communication, Download
46 TODST-EMBD046 Architecture of Web Services Interface for A Home Energy Management System Data Communication, Download
47 TODST-EMBD047 Experimental Study and Design of Smart Energy Meter for the Smart Grid Data Communication, Download
48 TODST-EMBD048 A Video-Analysis-Based Railway–Road Safety System for Detecting Hazard Situations at Level Crossings Intelligent transportation systems Download
49 TODST-EMBD049 License Plate Identification Using Artificial Neural Network and Wavelet Transformed Feature Selection Computing Download
50 TODST-EMBD050 A Genetic Algorithm-Based Moving Object Detection for Real-time Traffic Surveillance SIGNAL PROCESSING Download
51 TODST-EMBD051 Learning to Detect Anomalies in Surveillance Video SIGNAL PROCESSING Download
52 TODST-EMBD052 Spatio-Temporal Flame Modeling and Dynamic Texture Analysis for Automatic Video-Based Fire Detection Circuits and Systems for Video Technology Download
53 TODST-EMBD053 Hand Segmentation and Fingertip Detection for Interfacing of Stereo Vision-based Smart Glasses Data Communication, Download
54 TODST-EMBD054 Automatic Indian Currency Denomination Recognition System based on Artificial Neural Network Signal Processing and Integrated Networks Download
55 TODST-EMBD055 A Visible Light Communication Link Protection Mechanism For Smart Factory Advanced Information Networking and Applications Download
56 TODST-EMBD056 Networked Switching and Polymorphing Control of Electrical Loads with Web and Wireless Sensor Network Robotics, Automation, Control and Embedded Systems Download
57 TODST-EMBD057 Automatic Detection and Notification of Potholes and Humps on Roads to Aid Drivers Automatic Detection and Notification of Potholes and Humps Download
58 TODST-EMBD058 Scanning the Issue and Beyond: Transportation and Mobility Transformation for Smart Cities INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS Download
59 TODST-EMBD059 Hierarchical and Networked Vehicle Surveillance in ITS: A Survey INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS Download
60 TODST-EMBD060 A Cooperative Train Control Model for Energy Saving INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS Download
61 TODST-EMBD061 Online Cost-Sharing Mechanism Design for Demand-Responsive Transport Systems INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS Download
62 TODST-EMBD062 Design of a Mobile Charging Service for Electric Vehicles in an Urban Environment INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS Download
63 TODST-EMBD063 Road Edge Recognition Using the Stripe Hough Transform From Millimeter-Wave Radar Images INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS Download
64 TODST-EMBD064 Nonparametric Technique Based High-Speed Road Surface Detection intelligent transportation systems Download
65 TODST-EMBD065 A Train Localization Algorithm for Train Protection Systems of the Future intelligent transportation systems Download
66 TODST-EMBD066 A Runtime Integrity Monitoring Framework for Real-Time Relative Positioning Systems Based on GPS and DSRC intelligent transportation systems Download
67 TODST-EMBD067 A Practical Wireless Attack on the Connected Car and Security Protocol for In-Vehicle CAN intelligent transportation systems Download
68 TODST-EMBD068 Performance Evaluation of GNSS for Train Localization intelligent transportation systems, Download
69 TODST-EMBD069 The Application of ZigBee Technology to the Intelligent Bus Query System Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Download
70 TODST-EMBD070 GSM Based Interactive Voice Response System for Wireless Load Control and Monitoring Information & Computing Technology Download
71 TODST-EMBD071 RFID-based System for School Children Transportation Safety Enhancement Data Communication, Download
72 TODST-EMBD072 ARM Based Remote Monitoring and Control System for Environmental Parameters in Greenhouse Data Communication, Download
73 TODST-EMBD073 Design and Implementation of an SMS Based Home Security System Data Communication, Download
74 TODST-EMBD074 Embedded Microcontroller using GPS as a Security Resource for Disabled People Data Communication, Download
75 TODST-EMBD075 Raspberry PI-Based Global Industrial Process Monitoring Through Wireless Communication Robotics, Automation, Control and Embedded Systems Download
76 TODST-EMBD076 An Internet of Things Approach for Motion Detection using Raspberry Pi Intelligent Computing Download
77 TODST-EMBD077 Embedded Wireless Data Acquisition System for Unmanned Vehicle in Underwater Environment Data Communication, Download
78 TODST-EMBD078 Adaptive Neural Network Control of Robot Based on a Unified Objective Bound CONTROL SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY Download
79 TODST-EMBD079 A Surveillance 3D Hand-Tracking-Based Tele- Operated UGV Information and Communication Systems Download
80 TODST-EMBD080 Automatic Weed Detection System and Smart Herbicide Sprayer Robot for com fields Robotics and Mechatronics Download
81 TODST-EMBD081 Designing an Autonomous Soil Monitoring Robot Information Engineering Design Symposium Download
82 TODST-EMBD082 WiFi Based Communication and Localization of an Autonomous Mobile Robot for Refinery Inspection Robotics and Automation Download
83 TODST-EMBD083 Design and development of smart sales robot for supermarket Electronics and Data Communication, Download
84 TODST-EMBD084 Embedded systems and autonomous car Advances in Science Engineering and Technology, Download
85 TODST-EMBD085 A Robotic Crack Inspection and Mapping System for Bridge Deck Maintenance automation science and engineering Download
86 TODST-EMBD086 Integration of Low-Cost Supervisory Mobile Robots in Domestic Wireless Sensor Networks Robotics and

Emerging Allied Technologies

87 TODST-EMBD087 Path Following Using Dynamic Transverse Feedback Linearization for Car-Like Robots ROBOTICS Download
88 TODST-EMBD088 Occlusion-Based Cooperative Transport with a Swarm of Miniature Mobile Robots ROBOTICS Download
89 TODST-EMBD089 Optimization-Based Motion Planning in Joint Space for Walking Assistance With Wearable Robot ROBOTICS, Download
90 TODST-EMBD090 Negative Information for Occlusion Reasoning in Dynamic Extended Multiobject Tracking ROBOTICS, Download
91 TODST-EMBD091 Multirobot Control Using Time-Varying Density Functions ROBOTICS, Download
92 TODST-EMBD092 Passivity and Stability of Human–Robot Interaction Control for Upper-Limb Rehabilitation Robots ROBOTICS, Download
93 TODST-EMBD093 Unusual Event Detection in Low-Resolution Video for enhancing ATM security Signal Processing and Integrated Networks Download
94 TODST-EMBD094 Driver Gaze Tracking and Eyes Off the Road Detection System INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS Download
95 TODST-EMBD095 Survey of Vehicle IoT Bluetooth Devices Computing and Applications Download
96 TODST-EMBD096 Travolution-An Embedded System in Passenger Car for Road Safety Technologies for Sustainable Development Download
97 TODST-EMBD097 Design of Milk Analysis Embedded System for Dairy Farmers Data Communication, Download
98 TODST-EMBD098 Release and Storage of Mine Gas Monitoring Data Based on Sensor Web Data Communication, Download
99 TODST-EMBD099 Intelligent system for monitoring and controlling of the Grain condition based on ARM9 Data Communication, Download
100 TODST-EMBD0100 Bus Detection System for Blind People using RFID Data Communication, Download
101 TODST-EMBD0101 Wireless Sensor Networks for Condition Monitoring in the Railway Industry: A Survey Intelligent transportation systems Download
102 TODST-EMBD0102 Wearable Sensors for Human Activity

Monitoring: A Review

Data Communication, Download
103 TODST-EMBD0103 Travolution-An Embedded System in Passenger Car for Road Safety Technologies for Sustainable Development Download
104 TODST-EMBD0104 Design and Implementation of a Wireless Sensor Network for Rose Greenhouses Monitoring Automation, Robotics and Applications, Download
105 TODST-EMBD0105 Smart Home for Elderly Care, based on Wireless Sensor Network Nascent Technologies Download
106 TODST-EMBD0106 Microcontroller managed module for automatic ventilation of vehicle interior Data Communication, Download
107 TODST-EMBD0107 Application of Intelligent Sun Tracking System with Fuzzy Chip Controller Computer, Consumer and Control Download
108 TODST-EMBD0108 System Engineering and Deployment of Envirobat Data Communication, Download
109 TODST-EMBD0109 Wireless Sensor Network-based Air Quality Monitoring System Computing networking and communication Download
110 TODST-EMBD0110 A Smart Sensor Network for Sea Water Quality Monitoring Data Communication, Download
111 TODST-EMBD0111 An Approach of Reliable Data Transmission With Random Redundancy for Wireless Sensors in Structural Health Monitoring Data Communication, Download
112 TODST-EMBD0112 Passive and semi-passive wireless temperature and humidity sensors based on EPC generation-2 UHF protocol Data Communication, Download
113 TODST-EMBD0113 Electrical Impedance Tomography for Artificial Sensitive Robotic Skin: A Review Data Communication, Download
114 TODST-EMBD0114 Smart lighting system ISO/IEC/IEEE 21451 compatible Data Communication, Download
115 TODST-EMBD0115 Wearable Sensors for Human Activity Monitoring: A Review Data Communication, Download
116 TODST-EMBD0116 Recent Advances in Wearable Sensors for Health Monitoring Data Communication, Download
117 TODST-EMBD0117 Design and Calibration of the Unilateral Sensitive Soil Moisture Sensor Data Communication, Download
118 TODST-EMBD0118 A High-Reliability Wearable Device for Elderly Fall Detection Data Communication, Download
119 TODST-EMBD0119 A Method for Uncertainty Assessment of Passive Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence Retrieval by Using an Infrared Reference Light Data Communication, Download
120 TODST-EMBD0120 An Algorithm for the Automatic Analysis of Signals from an Oyster Heart Rate Sensor Data Communication, Download
121 TODST-EMBD0121 Blood Pulsation Measurement using Linearly Polarized Light Data Communication, Download
122 TODST-EMBD0122 Wireless Biosensing Using Silver-Enhancement Based Self-assembled Antennas in Passive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tags Data Communication, Download
123 TODST-EMBD0123 Compact personal distributed wearable exposimeter Data Communication, Download
124 TODST-EMBD0124 Design and Experimental Validation of Novel Force Sensor Data Communication, Download
125 TODST-EMBD0125 A Novel Calibration Model of Polarization Navigation Sensor Data Communication, Download
126 TODST-EMBD0126 A low power temperature to frequency converter for the on-chip temperature measurement Data Communication, Download
127 TODST-EMBD0127 PRT Embedded Microheaters for Optimum Temperature Distribution of Air-Suspended Structures for Gas Sensor Applications Data Communication, Download
128 TODST-EMBD0128 Hybrid Blocking Algorithm for Identification of Overlapping Staying Tags Between Multiple Neighboring Readers in RFID Systems Data Communication, Download
129 TODST-EMBD0129 Solar-Powered Wireless Temperature Sensor Based on UWB RFID with Self-Calibration Data Communication, Download
130 TODST-EMBD0130 A Differential Self-Integration D-Dot Voltage Sensor and Experimental Research Data Communication, Download
131 TODST-EMBD0131 Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging via Capacitive Power Transfer Through a Conformal Bumper Data Communication, Download
132 TODST-EMBD0132 A Low-Power Wireless Sensor for Online Ambient Monitoring  Data Communication, Download
133 TODST-EMBD0133 A Smart Sensor Network for Sea Water Quality Monitoring Data Communication, Download
134 TODST-EMBD0134 Design for visually impaired to work at Industry using RFID technology Data Communication, Download
135 TODST-EMBD0135 A Low-Cost and Noninvasive System for the Measurement and Detection of Faulty Streetlights Instrumentation and measurement Download
136 TODST-EMBD0136 A Zigbee-Based Animal Health Monitoring System Instrumentation and measurement Download
137 TODST-EMBD0137 A Low-Cost M2M Architecture for

Intelligent Public Transit

Pervasive Computing Download
138 TODST-EMBD0138 A Low-Cost M2M Architecture for Intelligent Public Transit Pervasive Computing Download
139 TODST-EMBD0139 Water Management system using Dynamic IP-based Embedded Webserver in Real Time Nascent Technologies Download
140 TODST-EMBD0140 RFID-based System for School Children Transportation Safety Enhancement Instrumentation and measurement Download
141 TODSTEMBD0141 ZigBee(2.4G) Wireless Sensor Network Application on Indoor Intrusion Detection Consumer Electronics Download
142 TODST-EMBD0142 A GSM, WSN and Embedded Web Server Architecture for the Internet Based Kitchen Monitoring System Power and Computing Technologies Download
143 TODST-EMBD0143 Vehicle to Vehicle Safety Device – An Ease for Safe Driving Data Communication, Download
144 TODST-EMBD0144 Real Time AMR & Control of Household Energy Meter with Zigbee communication Computing Communication Control and Automation Download
145 TODST-EMBD0145 Design and Implementation of Water Environment Monitoring System using GSM Technology Technologies for Sustainable Development Download
146 TODST-EMBD0146 The Application of ZigBee Technology to the Intelligent Bus Query System Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation Download
147 TODST-EMBD0147 ZigBee Wireless Communication for Monitoring Renewable Street Light System Data Communication, Download
148 TODST-EMBD0148 WSN Based Utility System for Effective Monitoring and Control of Household Power Consumption Data Communication, Download
149 TODST-EMBD0149 WSN-Based Smart Sensors and Actuator for Power Management in Intelligent Buildings MECHATRONICS Download
150 TODST-EMBD0150 Survey of RFID Applications in Railway Industry Data Communication, Download
151 TODST-EMBD0151 Smart Entrance Guard Control Based on RFID card and ZigBee Authorization Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation Download
152 TODST-EMBD0152 Automated Control System for Emission Level & Rash Driving Detection in Vehicles Data Communication, Download
153 TODST-EMBD0153 Black Box: An Emergency Rescue Dispatch System for Road Vehicles for Instant Notification of Road Accidents and Post Crash Analysis Informatics, electronics Download
154 TODST-EMBD0154 Automated Irrigation System Using a Wireless Sensor Network and GPRS Module Instrumentation and measurement Download
155 TODST-EMBD0155 Real-time Monitoring and Control System for Green House Based On 802.15.4 Wireless Sensor Network Communication Systems and Network Technologies Download
156 TODST-EMBD0156 Sensor Fusion-Based Vacant Parking Slot Detection and Tracking INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS, Download
157 TODST-EMBD0157 A Low-Cost Sensor Network for Real-Time Monitoring and Contamination Detection in Drinking Water Distribution Systems Data Communication, Download
158 TODST-EMBD0158 Low-Cost Internet Based Wireless Sensor Network for Air Pollution Monitoring using Zigbee Module Data Communication, Download
159 TODST-EMBD0159 Environment monitoring and device control using ARM based Embedded Controlled Sensor Network Data Communication, Download

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