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Reputation Aggregation in Peer-to-Peer Network Using Differential Gossip Algorith

S.NO. Project No. Project title Technology
1 ICDST-MT01 A Novel Approach for Denoising and Enhancement of Extremely Low-light Video Digital Image Processing
2 ICDST-MT02 Recognizing Common CT Imaging Signs of Lung Diseases Through a New Feature Selection Method Based on Fisher Criterion and Genetic Optimization Digital Image Processing
3 ICDST-MT03 Automatic Change Analysis in Satellite Images Using Binary Descriptors and Lloyd–Max Quantization Digital Image Processing
4 ICDST-MT04 Spatiotemporal Saliency Detection for Video Sequences Based on Random Walk With Restart Digital Image Processing
5 ICDST-MT05 An Optimal-Distance-Based Transmission Strategy for Lifetime Maximization of Wireless Sensor Networks Signal Processing
6 ICDST-MT06 Successive Interference Mitigation in Multiuser MIMO Interference Channels Signal Processing
7 ICDST-MT07 Successive Interference Mitigation in Multiuser MIMO Interference Channels Digital Image Processing
8 ICDST-MT08 Dynamic Channel Assignment for Wireless Sensor  Networks: A Regret Matching Based Approach Signal Processing
9 ICDST-MT09 Noninvasive Real-Time Automated Skin Lesion Analysis System for Melanoma Early Detection and Prevention Digital Image Processing
10 ICDST-MT10 Enhancement of Textural Differences Based on Morphological Component Analysis Digital Image Processing
11 ICDST-MT11 Enhancement of Textural Differences Based on Morphological Component Analysis Digital Image Processing
12 ICDST-MT12 Background Subtraction Based on Low-Rank and Structured Sparse Decomposition Digital Image Processing
13 ICDST-MT13 Optimal Channel Switching Over Gaussian Channels Under Average Power and Cost Constraints Signal Processing
14 ICDST-MT14 Adaptive Image Denoising by Targeted Databases Digital Image Processing
15 ICDST-MT15 Impacts of Deployment Strategies on Localization Performance in Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks Signal Processing
16 ICDST-MT16 A Comparative Study of Power Supply Architectures in Wireless EV Charging Systems Power Electronics
17 ICDST-MT17 A New Space Vector Modulation Scheme for Multilevel I never ters Which Directly Vector Quantize t he Reference Space Vector Power Electronics
18 ICDST-MT18 A Novel Image Classification Algorithm Using Overcomplete Wavelet Transforms Digital Image Processing
19 ICDST-MT19 A Novel Point-Matching Algorithm Based on Fast Sample Consensus for Image Registration Digital Image Processing
20 ICDST-MT20 Face Liveness Detection From a Single Image via Diffusion Speed Model Digital Image Processing
21 ICDST-MT21 Hybrid Compression of Hyperspectral Images Based on PCA With Pre-Encoding Discriminant Information Signal Processing
22 ICDST-MT22 Particle Swarm Optimization-Based Clustering by Preventing Residual Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks Signal Processing
23 ICDST-MT23 A Bidirectional Three-level LLC Resonant Converter with PWAM Control Power Electronics
24 ICDST-MT24 A Contrast Adjustment Thresholding Method for Surface Defect Detection Based on Mesoscopy Digital Image Processing
25 ICDST-MT25 A New Fault-Tolerant Strategy Based on a Modified Selective Harmonic Technique for Three Phase Multilevel Converters with a Single Faulty Cell Power Electronics
26 ICDST-MT26 Effective Image Retrieval System Using Dot-Diffused Block Truncation Coding Features Digital Image Processing
27 ICDST-MT27 A Novel Multiple-Instance Learning-Based Approach to Computer-Aided Detection of Tuberculosis on Chest X-Rays Digital Image Processing
28 ICDST-MT28 A Probabilistic Approach for Color Correction in Image Mosaicking Applications Digital Image Processing
29 ICDST-MT29 A Visual Model-Based Perceptual Image Hash for Content Authentication Digital Image Processing
30 ICDST-MT30 A Visual Model-Based Perceptual Image Hash for Content Authentication Power Electronics
31 ICDST-MT31 An Integrated Reconfigurable Converter Topology for High Voltage Battery Systems. Power Electronics
32 ICDST-MT32 Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Features Extracted From Halftoning-Based Block Truncation Coding Digital Image Processing
33 ICDST-MT33 Automated Vessel Segmentation Using Infinite Perimeter Active Contour Model with Hybrid Region Information with Application to Retinal Images Digital Image Processing
34 ICDST-MT34 Automatic localization and segmentation of optic disc in fundus image using morphology and level set Digital Image Processing
35 ICDST-MT35 Bayesian classifier for multi-oriented video text recognition system Digital Image Processing
36 ICDST-MT36 Beamforming for Multiuser MIMO-OFDM Interference Channels With Multipath Diversity Signal Processing
37 ICDST-MT37 Blood Vessel Segmentation of Fundus Images by Major Vessel Extraction and Subimage Classification Data Mining
38 ICDST-MT38 Cognitive and Energy Harvesting-Based D2D Communication in Cellular Networks: Stochastic Geometry Modeling and Analysis Signal Processing
39 ICDST-MT39 Creative design of symmetric multilevel converter to enhance the circuit’s performance Power Electronics
40 ICDST-MT40 Cross-Domain Person Reidentification Using Domain Adaptation Ranking SVMs Signal Processing
41 ICDST-MT41 Disparity Estimation on Stereo Mammograms Digital Image Processing
42 ICDST-MT42 Distributed Compressed Sensing off the Grid Digital Image Processing
43 ICDST-MT43 Energy-Efficient Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio Enabled Remote State Estimation Over Wireless Channels Signal Processing
44 ICDST-MT44 Flying-Capacitor Based Hybrid LLC Converters with Input Voltage Auto-Balance Ability for High Voltage Applications Power Electronics
45 ICDST-MT45 GaN Devices in Resonant LLC Converters: System-level considerations Power Electronics
46 ICDST-MT46 Glove-Based Continuous Arabic Sign Language Recognition in User-Dependent Mode Digital Image Processing
47 ICDST-MT47 Ground-Based Cloud Detection Using Automatic Graph Cut Digital Image Processing
48 ICDST-MT48 Hierarchical Learning of Tree Classifiers for Large Scale Plant Species Identification Digital Image Processing
49 ICDST-MT49 Human Facial Expression Recognition Using Stepwise Linear Discriminant Analysis and Hidden Conditional Random Fields Digital Image Processing
50 ICDST-MT50 Hybrid-bridge transformer less photovoltaic grid-connected inverter Power Electronics
51 ICDST-MT51 Image Enhancement and feature extraction based on low resolution satellite data. Digital Image Processing
52 ICDST-MT52 Implementation of Wavelet Based Robust Differential Control for Electric Vehicle Application Power Electronics
53 ICDST-MT53 Improving Dermoscopy Image Classification Using Color Constancy Digital Image Processing
54 ICDST-MT54 Influences of Power Electronic Converters on Voltage-Current Behaviors During Faults in DGUs-Part II: Photovoltaic Systems Power Electronics
55 ICDST-MT55 Iterative Vessel Segmentation of Fundus Images Digital Image Processing
56 ICDST-MT56 Joint Image Registration and Fusion for Panchromatic and Multispectral Images Signal Processing
57 ICDST-MT57 K-Means-Based Consensus Clustering A Unified View Digital Image Processing
58 ICDST-MT58 Learning Compact Feature Descriptor and Adaptive Matching Framework for Face Recognition Digital Image Processing
59 ICDST-MT59 Learning Spatial and Temporal Extents of Human Actions for Action Detection Digital Image Processing
60 ICDST-MT60 Learning to Rank Image Tags With Limited Training Examples Digital Image Processing
61 ICDST-MT61 LRTV MR Image Super-Resolution with LowRank and Total Variation Regularizations Digital Image Processing
62 ICDST-MT62 Median Filtered Image Quality Enhancement and Anti-Forensics via Variational Deconvolution Digital Image Processing
63 ICDST-MT63 Minimizing movement for target coverage and network connectivity in mobile sensor networks Signal Processing
64 ICDST-MT64 Multilevel voltage source inverter with optimised usage of bidirectional switches Power Electronics
65 ICDST-MT65 Mutual dependency of features in multimodal biometric systems Digital Image Processing
66 ICDST-MT66 Neighborhood Discriminant Hashing for Large-Scale Image Retrieval Signal Processing
67 ICDST-MT67 Objective Quality Assessment for Color to Gray Image Conversion Digital Image Processing
68 ICDST-MT68 On the Use of Coupled Shape Priors for Segmentation of Magnetic Resonance Images of the Knee Digital Image Processing
69 ICDST-MT69 Performance Analysis of Time of Arrival Estimation on OFDM Signals Signal Processing
70 ICDST-MT70 Phase-Shift Controlled Isolated Buck-Boost Converter with Active-Clamped Three-Level Rectifier (AC-TLR) Featuring Soft-Switching within Wide Operation Power Electronics
71 ICDST-MT71 Modular Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel PV Inverter With Distributed MPPT for Grid-Connected Applications Power Electronics
72 ICDST-MT72 Power Controllability of a Three-Phase Converter With an Unbalanced AC Source Power Electronics
73 ICDST-MT73 Quasi Y-Source Boost DC-DC Converter Power Electronics
74 ICDST-MT74 Reversible Data Hiding Using Controlled Contrast Enhancement and Integer Wavelet Transform Digital Image Processing
75 ICDST-MT75 Robust Control for Microgrid Frequency Deviation Reduction With Attached Storage System Digital Image Processing
76 ICDST-MT76 SAR Image Registration Using Phase Congruency and Nonlinear Diffusion-Based SIFT Digital Image Processing
77 ICDST-MT77 Segmentation of Tumor and Edema Along With Healthy Tissues of Brain Using Wavelets and Neural Networks Digital Image Processing
78 ICDST-MT78 Segmentation-Based Image Copy-Move Forgery Detection Scheme Signal Processing
79 ICDST-MT79 Sorted Consecutive Local Binary Pattern for Texture Classification Digital Image Processing
80 ICDST-MT80 Supervised Variational Model With Statistical Inference and Its Application in Medical Image Segmentation Digital Image Processing
81 ICDST-MT81 Topological Modeling and Classification of Mammographic Micro calcification Clusters Digital Image Processing
82 ICDST-MT82 Word Segmentation Method for Handwritten Documents based on Structured Learning Digital Image Processing
83 ICDST-MT83 Word Segmentation Method for Handwritten Documents based on Structured Learning Digital Image Processing
84 ICDST-MT84 Energy Efficient Clustering Protocol for Large-Scale Sensor Networks Signal Processing
85 ICDST-MT85 Joint Subcarrier and Antenna State Selection for Cognitive Heterogeneous Networks With Reconfigurable Antennas Signal Processing
86 ICDST-MT86 Tree Leaves Extraction in Natural Images: Comparative Study of Preprocessing Tools and Segmentation Methods Digital Image Processing
87 ICDST-MT87 An Improved Direct AC–AC Converter for Voltage Sag Mitigation Power Electronics
88 ICDST-MT88 Multiscale Logarithm Difference Edgemaps for Face Recognition Against Varying Lighting Conditions Digital Image Processing
89 ICDST-MT89 Image Retargeting by Texture-Aware Synthesis Digital Image Processing
90 ICDST-MT90 Contrast Enhancement by Nonlinear Diffusion Filtering Digital Image Processing
91 ICDST-MT91 Contrast Enhancement by Nonlinear Diffusion Filtering Power Electronics
92 ICDST-MT92 Rotation Invariant Texture Retrieval Considering the Scale Dependence of Gabor Wavelet Digital Image Processing
93 ICDST-MT93 Image Classification by Selective Regularized Subspace Learning Digital Image Processing
94 ICDST-MT94 A Decomposition Framework for Image Denoising Algorithms Digital Image Processing
95 ICDST-MT95 A new data hiding method based on chaos embedded genetic algorithm for color image Signal Processing
96 ICDST-MT96 A New PAPR Reduction Technique in OFDM Systems Using Linear Predictive Coding Signal Processing
97 ICDST-MT97 A New Secure Image Transmission Technique via Secret-Fragment-Visible Mosaic Images by Nearly Reversible Color Transformations Digital Image Processing
98 ICDST-MT98 A Novel Energy-Efficient Clustering Based Cooperative Spectrum Sensing f or Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks Signal Processing
99 ICDST-MT99 A Novel Hybrid Gabor Filter Based On Automatic Wavelet Selection With Application To Fingerprint Enhancement Digital Image Processing
100 ICDST-MT100 Enabling always on service discovery: WIFI neighbor awareness networking Signal Processing
101 ICDST-MT101 A Survey on Blood Vessel detection Methodologies in Retinal Images Digital Image Processing
102 ICDST-MT102 Abandoned Object Detection via Temporal Consistency Modeling and Back-Tracing Verification for Visual Surveillance Digital Image Processing
103 ICDST-MT103 An Algorithm for Power Line Detection and Warning Based on a Millimeter-Wave Radar Video Digital Image Processing
104 ICDST-MT104 An Efficient SVD-Based Method for Image Denoising Digital Image Processing
105 ICDST-MT105 An Energy-Balanced Routing Method Based on Forward-Aware Factor for Wireless Sensor Networks Signal Processing
106 ICDST-MT106 An equalised global graphical model-based approach for multi-camera object tracking Digital Image Processing
107 ICDST-MT107 Analysis of T-Slot Loaded Disk Patch Antenna for Dual Band Operation with Small Frequency Ratio Signal Processing
108 ICDST-MT108 Artificial bee colony algorithm for solving multi-objective optimal power flow problem Signal Processing
109 ICDST-MT109 Autonomous Self-Optimization of Coverage and Capacity in LTE Cellular Networks Signal Processing
110 ICDST-MT110 Brain tumor segmentation based on a hybrid clustering technique Digital Image Processing
111 ICDST-MT111 Channel Estimation/Equalization with Adaptive Modulation and Coding over Multipath Faded Channels for WiMAX Signal Processing
112 ICDST-MT112 Color Coded Cryptography Digital Image Processing
113 ICDST-MT113 Compressed Fingerprint Matching and Camera Identification via Random Projections Digital Image Processing
114 ICDST-MT114 Compressing Encrypted Images with Auxiliary Information Digital Image Processing
115 ICDST-MT115 Contour Model-Based Hand-Gesture Recognition Using the Kinect Sensor Digital Image Processing
116 ICDST-MT116 Counting crowd flow based on feature points Digital Image Processing
117 ICDST-MT117 Defense Against SSDF Attack in Cognitive Radio Networks: Attack-Aware Collaborative Spectrum Sensing Approach Signal Processing
118 ICDST-MT118 Detection and Rectification of Distorted Fingerprints Digital Image Processing
119 ICDST-MT119 Detection of Epileptic Seizure from EEG Signal Using Discrete Wavelet Transform and J48 Classifier Signal Processing
120 ICDST-MT120 Detection of Tumor in Liver Using Image Segmentation and Registration Technique Digital Image Processing
121 ICDST-MT121 Differences of Image Classification Techniques for Land Use and Land Cover Classification Digital Image Processing
122 ICDST-MT122 Drowsy Driving Detection by EEG Analysis Using Wavelet Transform and K -Means Clustering Digital Image Processing
123 ICDST-MT123 DWT Based Feature Extraction for Iris Recognition Digital Image Processing
124 ICDST-MT124 Efficient Feature Selection and Classification for Vehicle Detection Digital Image Processing
125 ICDST-MT125 Electrocardiogram Signal Modeling With Adaptive Parameter Estimation Using Sequential Bayesian Methods Signal Processing
126 ICDST-MT126 Energy-efficient orthogonal frequency division multiplexing scheme based on time– frequency joint channel estimation Signal Processing
127 ICDST-MT127 Achieving Maximum Energy-Efficiency in Multi-Relay OFDMA Cellular Networks: A Fractional Programming Approach Signal Processing
128 ICDST-MT128 Enhanced Re-coloring Method with an Information Preserving Property for Color-Blind Person Digital Image Processing
129 ICDST-MT129 Enhancing Security and Privacy for Identity-based Batch Verification Scheme in VANET Signal Processing
130 ICDST-MT130 Face Recognition Across Non-Uniform Motion Blur, Illumination, and Pose Digital Image Processing
131 ICDST-MT131 Face recognition under varying illumination based on adaptive homomorphic eight local directional patterns Digital Image Processing
132 ICDST-MT132 Fire Detection in the Buildings Using Image Processing Digital Image Processing
133 ICDST-MT133 Four-Class Classification of Skin Lesions With Task Decomposition Strategy Digital Image Processing
134 ICDST-MT134 Fuzzy Fusion Based High Dynamic Range Imaging using Adaptive Histogram Separation Digital Image Processing
135 ICDST-MT135 Gender Specific Emotion Recognition Through Speech Signal Digital Image Processing
136 ICDST-MT136 Highly Secure Image Steganography Algorithm using Curvelet Transform and DCT Encryption Digital Image Processing
137 ICDST-MT137 Human Activity Recognition using Binary Motion Image and Deep Learning Digital Image Processing
138 ICDST-MT138 Human identification using dental biometric analysis Digital Image Processing
139 ICDST-MT139 Identification of stress arrhythmia from ECG signal Digital Image Processing
140 ICDST-MT140 Image Forgery Detection Using Adaptive Over-segmentation and Feature Point Matching Digital Image Processing
141 ICDST-MT141 Importance of Being Unique From Finger Dorsal Patterns: Exploring Minor Finger Knuckle Patterns in Verifying Human Identities Digital Image Processing
142 ICDST-MT142 Integrated Energy and Spectrum Harvesting for 5G Wireless Communications Signal Processing
143 ICDST-MT143 Integrated Foreground Segmentation and Boundary Matting for Live Videos Digital Image Processing
144 ICDST-MT144 Live Video Forensics: Source Identification in Lossy Wireless Networks Digital Image Processing
145 ICDST-MT145 Local Oppugnant Color Texture Pattern for image retrieval system Digital Image Processing
146 ICDST-MT146 Lossless and Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images with Public Key Cryptography Digital Image Processing
147 ICDST-MT147 lp–norms in One-Class Classification for Intrusion Detection in SCADA Systems Digital Image Processing
148 ICDST-MT148 Massive MIMO With Optimal Power and Training Duration Allocation Signal Processing
149 ICDST-MT149 MIMO-OFDM Wireless Channel Prediction by Exploiting Spatial-Temporal Correlation Signal Processing
150 ICDST-MT150 Minimax Robust Relay Selection Based on Uncertain Long-Term CSI Signal Processing
151 ICDST-MT151 Monitor Placement to Timely Detect Misinformation in Online Social Networks Signal Processing
152 ICDST-MT152 Multiscale Energy and Eigenspace Approach to Detection and Localization of Myocardial Infarction Digital Image Processing
153 ICDST-MT153 Neuro-Fuzzy(NF)-based Adaptive Flood Warning System for Bangladesh Digital Image Processing
154 ICDST-MT154 New Proposed Practice for Secure Image Combing Cryptography Steganography and Watermarking based on Various Parameters Digital Image Processing
155 ICDST-MT155 Non-regenerative multi-way relaying with linear beam forming may Early Detection and Prevention Signal Processing
156 ICDST-MT156 Object-Oriented Shadow Detection and Removal From Urban High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images Digital Image Processing
157 ICDST-MT157 On the Use of Client Identity Information for Face Antispoofing Digital Image Processing
158 ICDST-MT158 Online Speech Dereverberation Using KalmanFilterandEM Algorithm Digital Image Processing
159 ICDST-MT159 Optimal Cooperation Strategy in Cognitive Radio Systems with Energy Harvesting Signal Processing
160 ICDST-MT160 Optimal Directional Relay Placement in Microgrids Considering Coordination Constraints Signal Processing
161 ICDST-MT161 Outage Constrained Robust Transmit Optimization for Multiuser MISO Downlinks: Tractable Approximations by Conic Optimization Signal Processing
162 ICDST-MT162 Particle Swarm Optimization-Based Hyperspectral Dimensionality Reduction for Urban Land Cover Classification Signal Processing
163 ICDST-MT163 Partition Optimization in LDPC-Coded OFDM Systems With PTS PAPR Reduction Signal Processing
164 ICDST-MT164 Patch Ordering-Based SAR Image Despeckling via Transform-Domain Filtering Digital Image Processing
165 ICDST-MT165 Performance Comparison of Wavelet and Contourlet Frame Based Features for Improving Classification Accuracy in Remote Sensing Images Digital Image Processing
166 ICDST-MT166 Performance of Linear Receivers in Frequency-Selective MIMO Channels Signal Processing
167 ICDST-MT167 Prostate Segmentation in MR Images Using Discriminant Boundary Features Signal Processing
168 ICDST-MT168 QoS and Energy Efficient Resource Allocation in Uplink SC-FDMA Systems Digital Image Processing
169 ICDST-MT169 QoS and Energy Efficient Resource Allocation in Uplink SC-FDMA Systems Signal Processing
170 ICDST-MT170 QoS-aware Node Selection Algorithm for Routing Protocols in VANETs Signal Processing
171 ICDST-MT171 Relevance Feature Discovery for Text Mining Signal Processing
172 ICDST-MT172 Signal Processing
173 ICDST-MT173 Robust visual cryptography-based watermarkiAlgorithm-Signaltiple cover images and multiple owners Digital Image Processing
174 ICDST-MT174 Separable Reversible Encrypted Data Hiding in Encrypted Image Using AES Algorithm and BPCS Algorithm Digital Image Processing
175 ICDST-MT175 Sum capacity maximization for MIMO–OFDMA based cognitive radio networks Signal Processing
176 ICDST-MT176 SWICOM: An SDR-Based Wireless Communication Gateway for Vehicles Signal Processing
177 ICDST-MT177 The study and application of the improved region growing algorithm for liver segmentation Digital Image Processing
178 ICDST-MT178 The Capacity of Wireless CSMA/CA Networks Signal Processing
179 ICDST-MT179 Theoretical Analysis of the Co-Existence of LTE-A Signals and Design of an ML-SIC Receiver Signal Processing
180 ICDST-MT180 Three Dimensional Data-Driven Multi Scale Atomic Representation of Optical Coherence Tomography Digital Image Processing
181 ICDST-MT181 Three Dimensional Data-Driven Multi Scale Atomic Representation of Optical Coherence Tomography Digital Image Processing
182 ICDST-MT182 Traffic Sign Recognition Senior Project Final Report Digital Image Processing
183 ICDST-MT183 Unusual Event Detection in Low Resolution Video for enhancing ATM security Digital Image Processing
184 ICDST-MT184 VeMAC: A TDMA-Based MAC Protocol for Reliable Broadcast in VANETs Signal Processing
185 ICDST-MT185 Wavelet based approach to signal activity detection and phase picking: Application to acoustic emission Signal Processing
186 ICDST-MT186 Video Deraining and Desnowing Using Temporal Correlation and Low-Rank Matrix Completion Digital Image Processing
187 ICDST-MT187 Wavelet based approach to signal activity detection and phase picking: Application to acoustic emission Signal Processing
188 ICDST-MT188 Webcam Based Non-contact Real-time Monitoring for the Physiological Parameters of Drivers Digital Image Processing
189 ICDST-MT189 2.5 Gb/s hybrid WDM/TDM PON using radio over fiber technique Digital Image Processing
190 ICDST-MT190 3-D Adaptive Sparsity Based Image Compression With Applications to Optical Coherence Tomography Digital Image Processing
191 ICDST-MT191 A Bayesian Bounded Asymmetric Mixture Model With Segmentation Application Digital Image Processing
192 ICDST-MT192 A Class-Based Approach for Medical Classification of Chest Pain Digital Image Processing
193 ICDST-MT193 A Class Based Approach for Medical Classification of Chest Pain Digital Image Processing
194 ICDST-MT194 A Completed Modeling of Local Binary Pattern Operator for Texture Classification Digital Image Processing
195 ICDST-MT195 A Fast Clustering-Based Feature Subset Selection Algorithm for High-Dimensional Data Digital Image Processing
196 TOCDST-MAT01 Multi-User OFDM MIMO in IEEE 802.11ac A Simulation Framework to Analysis and Synthesis Electrical
197 TOCDST-MAT02 Preamble Generation Method to Improve Timing Estimation for OFDM System Using Training Sequence Consumer electronics
198 TOCDST-MAT03 Effect of ambient noise on OFDM signals Underwater Technology
199 TOCDST-MAT04 Maximizing Achievable Rate for Improved AF-OFDM Cooperative Transmission Wireless communication and networking
200 TOCDST-MAT05 OFDM Channel Estimation and Equalization Using Multi-Scale Independent Component Analysis Signal processing, informatics, communication and energy system
201 TOCDST-MAT06 OFDM-Based Overlay Cognitive Radios with Improved Spectral Leakage Suppression for Future Generation Communications Wireless communication and networking
202 TOCDST-MAT07 A Space-Frequency Parallel ICI Cancellation Technique for OFDM Systems  Wireless communication and networking
203 TOCDST-MAT08 On the Performance of Precoded OFDM Systems in the Presence of Jamming Wireless communication and networking
204 TOCDST-MAT09 Adaptive uniform channel decomposition in MU-MIMO-OFDM: application to IEEE 802.11ac Wireless communication
205 TOCDST-MAT010 A Fully Integrated High Efficiency RF Power Amplifier for WLAN Application in40 nm Standard CMOS Process Microwave and wireless
206 TOCDST-MAT011 Analog Network Coding in the Multiple Access Relay Channel: Error Rate Analysis and Optimal Power Allocation Wireless communication
207 TOCDST-MAT012 A Reduced Complexity MIMO Decoder Signal processing, informatics,
208 TOCDST-MAT013 Asymptotic Rate Analysis of Downlink Multi-User Systems With Co-Located and Distributed Antennas Wireless communication
209 TOCDST-MAT014 Backhaul-Aware User Association in FiWi Enhanced LTE-A Heterogeneous Networks Wireless communication
210 TOCDST-MAT015 Energy Efficient Broadcast in Mobile Networks Subject to Channel Randomness Wireless communication
211 TOCDST-MAT016 Joint Precoder and Receiver Design for AF Non-Simultaneous Two-Way MIMO Relaying Wireless communication
212 TOCDST-MAT017 Modeling and Analysis of an Extended Access Barring Algorithm for Machine-type Communications in LTE-A Networks Wireless communication
213 TOCDST-MAT018 Optimal Design of Energy-Efficient Multi-User MIMO Systems Is Massive MIMO the Answer Wireless communication
214 TOCDST-MAT019 Outage Equivalence of Opportunistic Relaying and Selection Cooperation in Presence of Co-Channel Interference Wireless communication
215 TOCDST-MAT020 QoS and Energy Efficient Resource Allocation in Uplink SC-FDMA Systems Wireless communication
216 TOCDST-MAT021 TIGHT: A Cross-layer RF Distance Bounding Realization for Passive Wireless Devices Wireless communication
217 TOCDST-MAT022 Upper Bound on the Ergodic Rate Density of ALOHA Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks Wireless communication
218 TOCDST-MAT023 Classification on the Monogenic Scale Space: Application to Target Recognition in SAR Image Image processing
219 TOCDST-MAT024 Vector Sparse Representation of Color Image Using Quaternion Matrix Analysis Image processing
220 TOCDST-MAT025 Matching of Large Images Through Coupled Decomposition Image processing
221 TOCDST-MAT026 Weighted Guided Image Filtering Image processing
222 TOCDST-MAT027 Hierarchical Graphical Models for Simultaneous Tracking and Recognition in Wide-Area Scenes Image processing
223 TOCDST-MAT028 Robust Representation and Recognition of Facial Emotions Using Extreme Sparse Learning Image processing
224 TOCDST-MAT029 Structure-Sensitive Saliency Detection via Multilevel Rank Analysis in Intrinsic Feature Space Image processing
225 TOCDST-MAT030 Blind In painting using ℓ0 and Total Variation Regularization Image processing
226 TOCDST-MAT031 Sorted Consecutive Local Binary Pattern for Texture Classification Image processing
227 TOCDST-MAT032 Background Subtraction Based on Low-rank and Structured Sparse Decomposition Image processing
228 TOCDST-MAT033 Feature-Based Lucas–Kanade and Active Appearance Models Image processing
229 TOCDST-MAT034 A Novel Image Representation via Local Frequency Analysis for Illumination Invariant Stereo Matching Image processing
230 TOCDST-MAT035 Efficient Robust Conditional Random Fields Image processing
231 TOCDST-MAT036 Silhouette Analysis for Human Action Recognition Based on Supervised Temporal t-SNE and Incremental Learnin Image processing
232 TOCDST-MAT037 Fast Representation Based on a Double Orientation Histogram for Local Image Descriptors Image processing
233 TOCDST-MAT038 Egocentric Daily Activity Recognition

via Multitask Clustering

Image processing
234 TOCDST-MAT039 Template-Free Wavelet-Based Detection of Local Symmetries Image processing
235 TOCDST-MAT040 A Practical One-Shot Multispectral Imaging System Using a Single Image Sensor Image processing
236 TOCDST-MAT041 Multi-Level Discriminative Dictionary Learning With Application to Large Scale Image Classification Image processing
237 TOCDST-MAT042 Inner and Inter Label Propagation Salient Object Detection in the Wild Image processing
238 TOCDST-MAT043 DERF: Distinctive Efficient Robust Features From the Biological Modeling of the P Ganglion Cells Image processing
239 TOCDST-MAT044 Semantic Label Embedding Dictionary Representation for Multilevel Image Annotation Image processing
240 TOCDST-MAT045 Gradient Correlation Similarity forEfficient Contrast Preserving Decolorization Image processing
241 TOCDST-MAT046 Color Correction Using Root-Polynomial Regression Image processing
242 TOCDST-MAT047 Statistical Model of JPEG Noises and Its Application in Quantization Step Estimation Image processing
243 TOCDST-MAT048 Double Line Image Rotation Image processing
244 TOCDST-MAT049 Adaptive Metric Learning for Saliency Detection Image processing
245 TOCDST-MAT050 Salient Region Detection via Integrating Diffusion-Based Compactness and Local Contrast Image processing
246 TOCDST-MAT051 Removing Camera Shake via Weighted Fourier Burst Accumulation Image processing
247 TOCDST-MAT052 Adaptive Image Denoising by Targeted Databases Image processing
248 TOCDST-MAT053 A Feature-Enriched Completely Blind Image Quality Evaluator Image processing
249 TOCDST-MAT054 Approximation and Compression with Sparse Orthonormal Transforms Image processing
250 TOCDST-MAT055 Video Deraining and Desnowing Using Temporal Correlation and Low-Rank Matrix Completion Image processing
251 TOCDST-MAT056 Compressive Bilateral Filtering Image processing
252 TOCDST-MAT057 Continuous Depth Map Reconstruction From Light Fields Image processing
253 TOCDST-MAT058 Depth Super-Resolution by Transduction Image processing
254 TOCDST-MAT059 Depth Reconstruction From Sparse Samples: Representation, Algorithm, and Sampling Image processing
255 TOCDST-MAT060 Enhancement of Textural Differences Based on Morphological Component Analysis Image processing
256 TOCDST-MAT061 Extracting 3D Layout From a Single Image Using Global Image Structures Image processing
257 TOCDST-MAT062 Face Recognition Across Non-Uniform Motion Blur, Illumination, and Pose Image processing
258 TOCDST-MAT063 Fractal Analysis for Reduced Reference Image Quality Assessment Image processing
259 TOCDST-MAT064 Full-Reference Quality Assessment of Stereoscopic Images by Learning Binocular Receptive Field Properties Image processing
260 TOCDST-MAT065 Head Pose Estimation From a 2D Face Image Using 3D Face Morphing With Depth  parameters Image processing
261 TOCDST-MAT066 High Dynamic Range Image Compression by Optimizing Tone Mapped Image Quality Index Image processing
262 TOCDST-MAT067 High-Resolution Face Verification Using Pore-Scale Facial Features Image processing
263 TOCDST-MAT068 Image Denoising by Exploring External and Internal Correlations Image processing
264 TOCDST-MAT069 Learning Compact Feature Descriptor and Adaptive Matching Framework for Face Recognition Image processing
265 TOCDST-MAT070 Learning Multiple Linear Mappings for Efficient Single Image Super-Resolution Image processing
266 TOCDST-MAT071 Multiscale Image Blind Denoising Image processing
267 TOCDST-MAT072 Multi-task Pose-Invariant Face Recognition Image processing
268 TOCDST-MAT073 Neutral face classification using personalized appearance models for fast and robust emotion detection Image processing
269 TOCDST-MAT074 No-Reference Image Sharpness Assessment in Autoregressive Parameter Space Image processing
270 TOCDST-MAT075 Objective Quality Assessment for Multi-exposureMulti-focus Image Fusion Image processing
271 TOCDST-MAT076 Online Kernel Slow Feature Analysis for Temporal Video Segmentation and Tracking Image processing
272 TOCDST-MAT077 Perceptual Quality Assessment for Multi-Exposure Image Fusion Image processing
273 TOCDST-MAT078 Polar Embedding for Aurora Image Retrieval Image processing
274 TOCDST-MAT079 Random Geometric Prior Forest for Multiclass Object Segmentation Image processing
275 TOCDST-MAT080 Robust Video Object Co-segmentation Image processing
276 TOCDST-MAT081 Single Image Super-Resolution Based on Gradient Profile Sharpness Image processing
277 TOCDST-MAT082 Spatiotemporal Saliency Detection for Video Sequences Based on Random Walk With Restart Image processing
278 TOCDST-MAT083 Stochastic Blind Motion Deploring Image processing
279 TOCDST-MAT084 Video Detraining and Desnowing Using Temporal Correlation and Low-Rank Matrix Completion Image processing
280 TOCDST-MAT085 Video Tracking Using Learned Hierarchical Features Image processing
281 TOCDST-MAT086 Video in painting with short-term windows: application to object removal and error concealment Image processing
282 TOCDST-MAT087 Speech Emotion Verification Using Emotion Variance Modeling and Discriminant Scale-Frequency Maps Audio, Speech and Language Processing
283 TOCDST-MAT088 Audio Fingerprinting for Multi-Device Self-Localization Audio, Speech and Language Processing
284 TOCDST-MAT08 Perceptual Reproduction of Spatial Sound Using Loudspeaker-Signal-Domain Parameterization Audio, Speech and Language Processing
285 TOCDST-MAT090 Primary-Ambient Extraction Using Ambient Spectrum Estimation for Immersive Spatial Audio Reproduction Audio, Speech and Language Processing
286 TOCDST-MAT091 Audio Watermarking Based on Fibonacci Numbers Audio, Speech and Language Processing
287 TOCDST-MAT092 SNR-Invariant PLDA Modeling in Nonparametric Subspace for Robust Speaker Verification Audio, Speech and Language Processing
288 TOCDST-MAT093 High-Precision Harmonic Distortion Level Measurement of a Loudspeaker Using Adaptive Filters in a Noisy Environment Audio, Speech and Language Processing
289 TOCDST-MAT094 Combining Spectral and Temporal Representations for Multipitch Estimation of Polyphonic Music Audio, Speech and Language Processing
290 TOCDST-MAT095 Nonlinear Acoustic Echo Cancellation using Voltage and Current Feedback Audio, Speech and Language Processing
291 TOCDST-MAT096 Spoken Content Retrieval—Beyond Cascading Speech Recognition with Text Retrieval Audio, Speech and Language Processing
292 TOCDST-MAT097 Convex Weighting Criteria for Speaking Rate Estimation Audio, Speech and Language Processing
293 TOCDST-MAT098 Low-Complexity Direction-of-Arrival Estimation Based on Wideband Co-Prime Arrays Audio, Speech and Language Processing


294 TOCDST-MAT099 An Acoustic-Phonetic Model of F0 Likelihood for Vocal Melody Extraction Audio, Speech, and Language Processing
295 TOCDST-MAT0100 Data Augmentation for Deep Neural Network Acoustic Modeling Audio, Speech and Language Processing
296 TOCDST-MAT0101 Efficient Synthesis of Room Acoustics via Scattering Delay Networks Audio, Speech, and Language Processing
297 TOCDST-MAT0102 Noise Power Spectral Density Estimation Using MaxNSR Blocking Matrix Audio, Speech, and Language Processing
298 TOCDST-MAT0103 Multi-Channel Linear Prediction-Based Speech Dereverberation With Sparse Priors Audio, Speech, and Language Processing
299 TOCDST-MAT0104 Harmonic Phase Estimation in Single-Channel Speech Enhancement Using Phase Decomposition and SNR Information Audio, Speech and Language Processing
300 TOCDST-MAT0105 Joint Detection and Estimation of Speech Spectral Amplitude Using Noncontinuous Gain Functions Audio, Speech, and Language Processing
301 TOCDST-MAT0106 Hierarchical Pitman–Yor–Dirichlet Language Model Audio, Speech, and Language Processing
302 TOCDST-MAT0107 Phase Estimation in Single-Channel Speech Enhancement Limits-Potential Audio, Speech, and Language Processing
303 TOCDST-MAT0108 Compact Multiview Representation of Documents Based on the Total Variability Space Audio, Speech, and Language Processing
304 TOCDST-MAT0109 Extractive Broadcast News Summarization Leveraging Recurrent Neural Network Language Modeling Techniques Audio, Speech and Language Processing
305 TOCDST-MAT0110 Use of Micro-Modulation Features in Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition Tasks Audio, Speech, and Language Processing
306 TOCDST-MAT0111 A GPU implementation of an explicit compact FDTD algorithm with a digital impedance filter for room acoustics applications Audio, Speech and Language Processing
307 TOCDST-MAT0112 Summarization Based on Task-oriented Discourse Parsing Audio, Speech, and Language Processing
308 TOCDST-MAT0113 Disambiguating Discourse Connectives for Statistical Machine Translation Audio, Speech, and Language Processing
309 TOCDST-MAT0114 Block-Skew-Circulate Matrices in Complex-Valued Signal Processing Signal processing
310 TOCDST-MAT0115 Maximum Entropy PDF Design Using Feature Density Constraints: Applications in Signal Processing Signal processing
311 TOCDST-MAT0116 Signal Processing for Two Dimensional Magnetic Recording using Voronoi Model Averaged Statistics Information science and system
312 TOCDST-MAT0117 Efficiency of the Signal Processing Algorithms Using Signal-Flow Based Mapping Tool Signal processing
311 TOCDST-MAT0118 Spatial Source Subtraction Based on Incomplete Measurements of Relative Transfer Function Audio, Speech, and Language Processing
312 TOCDST-MAT0119 Optimal Coding of Generalized-Gaussian-Distributed Frequency Spectra for Low-Delay Audio Coder With Powered All-Pole Spectrum Estimation Audio, Speech, and Language Processing


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