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Android Training

Android is most popular mobile platform, in other words, it is mobile Operating system which can provide multi-function operation in mobile and with the help of android working is fast.It is Linux based operating system generally design for touchscreen mobile.

 We are best Android training institute in Bhopal Because, we provide our students with Live Projects &  great experience during training Programs And Give one Year member ship.

Introduction Basic Android User Interface components Other Android components
  • Android Operation System
  • Google Play (Android Market)
  • Security and permissions
  • Activity
  • Fragments
  • Views and ViewGroups
  • Activities, Fragments and Views
  • Intents
  • Services
  • ContentProvider
  • Broadcast Receiver (HomeScreen) Widgets
  • More Components
Android Development Tools Android Application Architecture Resources
  • Android SDK
  • Android Development Tools
  • Dalvik Virtual Machine
  • How to develop Android Applications
  • Resource editors
  • AndroidManifest.xml
  • Activities and Lifecycle
  • Configuration Change
  • Context
  • Resources
  • Assets
Using Resources Installation Android virtual device – Emulator
  • Reference to resources in code
  • Reference to resources in XML files
  • Activities and Layouts
  • Options
  • Standalone ADT installation
  • What is the Android Emulator?
  • Google vs. Android AVD
  • Emulator Shortcuts
  • Parameter
Tutorials Tutorial: Your first Android project Layout Manager and ViewGroups
  • Create and run Android Virtual Device
  • Solving Android development problems
  •  API version, package and application name
  • Warning messages for Strings
  • Install the demo application
  • Create Project
  • Create attributes
  • Add View
  • Edit View properties
  • Change the Activity source code
  • Start Project
  • Starting an installed application
  • Available Layout Manager
  • LinearLayout
  • RelativeLayout
  • GridLayout
  • ScrollView
Fragments Fragments Tutorial OptionMenu and ActionBar
  • Fragments Overview
  • When to use Fragments
  • Configuration changes in Fragments
  • Overview
  • Create Project
  • Create standard layouts
  • RssfeedActivity
  • Create Fragment classes
  • Run
  • layout for portrait mode
  • Create layouts for portrait mode
  • DetailActivity
  • Adjust the List Fragment
  • Run
  • ActionBar
  • OptionsMenu
  • Creating the menu
  • Changing the menu
  • Reacting to menu entry selection
Advanced ActionBar Tutorials
  • Using the home icon
  • Custom Views in the ActionBar
  • Contextual action mode
  • Context menus
  • Project
  • Add a menu XML resource
  • ActionBar navigation with Fragments
  • DDMS perspective and important views
  • DDMS – Dalvik Debug Monitor Server
  • LogCat View
  • File explorer




For Students Content We Provide…

1-One year membership.

2-24*7 support during the training program.


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